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What To Expect

What To Expect

Reaching Our Goals

An integral key to our success is a working relationship developed with licensed professional architects, a licensed professional interior designer, and you, our client. We strive to create something new, with an eye for quality, proper detailing, and the ability to implement that design. Thomas E. Fox Homes goes the extra mile to work with contractors to complete a home that is innovatively designed, technology-smart, built with best practices and value-driven.

Monitoring Our Goals

Since taking time to submit our first application to the prestigious Greater Chicago Homebuilders Key Awards in 2004, Thomas E. Fox Homes has been chosen as a leader in the field of outstanding design. We talk with our clients. We have excellent references upon request.

Our Process

We investigate the building site and the surrounding neighborhood – trees, light, colors, landscaping, traffic, etc. We work with architects that are experts in their field, who utilize beautiful massing and period features into the styling of each home.

Schematic floor plans and exterior elevations are developed for a particular site. These are preliminary drawings showing dimensioned rooms as well as exterior elevations. We investigate areas and make appropriate revisions. “Test-Fit” furniture layouts in AutoCAD are completed to show what the optimum size and layout should be for each room. Too many rooms are built without any concept of furniture layout or function. We seek to avoid this and believe that every extra effort we make up front will ultimately improve the way our clients are able to live in our homes.

The plans are further studied to identify specific areas to enhance with special features such as light coves, ceiling coffers, columns, arches and a variety of architectural details. Again, we strive to create something new, with an eye for quality, and proper detailing. This requires visualizing the two-dimensional plan into three-dimensional space. This process is exactly what makes Our Homes Special and makes Our Homes Distinctive.

The selection of exterior and interior materials complements and enhances the architecture of each home. Extra time is taken reviewing each elevation to insure the best aesthetic. We seek to design homes that are tastefully different and timeless in appeal. Exceptional materials are used that compliment each other, such as oversized brick and custom blends of stone that have not been used before. Sample mock ups at the home allow for minor adjustments in order to achieve the best appearance to complete that phase of construction.

We partner with an established and tested group of quality subcontractors who provide great service and excellent craftsmanship at a competitive price. At Thomas E. Fox Homes we feel we are able to offer our clients the complete package, tailored to the exacting needs of even the most discriminating home buyer. We seek to take the stress out of the sometimes intimidating home-building process, where too many buyers are given either too few choices or over-tasked with far too many. We find that more and more, consumers are becoming more educated about quality homes and are expressing an appreciation for the difference in our approach.